Mistakes that Marketers Make Using QR Codes

When it comes to making mistakes and being a marketer, you might find that this is something that is not common. Although when it comes to marketing with QR codes, there are things that you have to keep in mind. You should not just jump right into it since it is something that takes some understanding and knowledge to get into, to do, and to advertise your business with. There are a few mistakes that every marketer might make, and knowing them beforehand might save you some stress and trouble in the long run when it comes time to market your newly created QR code.

  1. INSTRUCTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS. Letting people new to the technology scene know what QR codes are, how they are used, and what they can be used for. A lot of people have never heard of these codes, and perhaps they have seen them and always wondered. You should give them some information and steps to get them through the process so they no longer need to be curious and they can now check out your QR code.

  1. QUICK RESPONSE. This is what the QR stands for, so ultimately you want to make them exactly that. This is why just one link to all the information can make it as quick as can be. They do not have to sift through so much and become bored if you add a link right to the code and have them visit the link once they scan the code. This is always a plus when it comes down to the links. You want to place the codes in places your viewers will see them and use them, and not in places they might not get enough views.

  1. EFFECTIVENESS? This is definitely one thing that needs to be known in order to know if the code is being effective. This is due to the fact that you might need to boost up your advertising if you think you're going to have to revamp your advertising needs. You shouldn't ignore the traffic, you should make sure it is being effective overall.

  1. DOES THIS WORK? You want to make sure that the pages work, and that they are available. This is because you do not want to lose the views do to a broken link, or a link that you thought worked once, but now does not because you did not check. As stated before... ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE LINK! This is a biggy, and you need to take all steps in order to make sure the link is going to bring people to the place you want them to be.

  1. BOOORING! You do not want to link to pages that make your viewers snooze. Instead of linking to your actual web page, why don't you make a landing page specifically suited to the code? It can have all the necessary information, and perhaps link them to your website if they want to learn more about it in the end. You can create one that is attention grabbing, has wonderful graphics, and informs the visitor about who you are, your mission, what this QR code is supposed to serve, and provide any other information that you think is relevant to the reader.

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