25 and More Creative Uses for QR Codes

QR codes are probably becoming one of the most popular modes of communication these days. This is because a lot more people are becoming aware of what they are, and how they are used. One of the best things about them is that the maker of the code can become as creative as they would like with them in order to gain attention. Look into the many, already done creative ideas that businesses have come up with to market with below.

  1. QR codes placed next to sculptures and paintings within a museum. This allows people looking at the art to learn more about the art, the artist, and the museum. You can even find out if you're able to get a replicate of the work of art on a mug or t shirt.

  2. Subways, trains, and bus stations having their schedule posted on QR codes. This will keep everyone updated, and allow them to know when the bus is coming, and when they are scheduled to come.

  3. On items for sale such as houses, vehicles, and recreational items. This will allow the person to know the price, more about the item, and the contact information of the seller. This is a great way to reach a lot of people, even when you're not home.

  4. Get more people to sign up for your email newsletter by using QR codes. This will allow them to get the information you want to send out. You can have quick links for the visitors to go too, and a sign up box for the email newsletter.

  5. On video kiosks. You can allow people to interact with the kiosk through the codes. The kiosks can be for anything, and it gives your users more information about the kiosk itself.

  6. On a puzzle. This allows the user to work through the puzzle before they could actually scan the code to find out what is on it. It is not only fun but also intriguing at the same time.

  7. Bottles of wine could carry information about the wine, the vineyard, and some facts about other wine related subjects through QR codes.

  8. Make QR codes part of an interactive map. This allows people to know more about their location, and even point them in the right direction if they are lost.

  9. The bottom of magazine, or even newpaper pages. This allows you to see comments from other readers, and meet the author of the article.

  10. Place them on building permits so the builder and the city know more about the permit that was issued, who issued it, and why. This will save a lot of time.

  11. On safety advertisements. They can give everyone just a little bit more information on why you should do the safety precautions, and what they are. An example of this would be on ski lifts.

  12. Place QR codes in elevators. A lot of people ride them, and they need something to do as they ride up the floors. This is a great way for them to scan the codes and learn more about the business you're promoting.

  13. In bathrooms at bars, hotels, and restaurants. A lot of people frequent these places which means more exposure. You can place your code next to other advertisements and see who gets the most business.

  14. Share avatars on video game consoles by using the QR codes. This can be an effective way to know that you are adding your friend by their unique code.

  15. Use them to get more signatures for a petition. This can save you a lot of footwork if you just put it out there with a call to action, and let the signatures fly.

  16. On the back of tractor trailers. This is something that will give people new and exciting things to do on their road trip instead of monitoring and reporting how the driver is doing.

  17. You can put them on wedding invitations. This allows your guests to RSVP through the code instead of having to send a card and stamp back.

  18. Make a temporary tattoo out of it. You can then link it to your webpage or social media account such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter.

  19. Encourage feedback from communities by using these codes. They can scan them, and put their thoughts about the community out there. This also gives them a choice on not putting their name as well.

  20. Use posters to give away free promotional items, coupons, or other goodies. This allows people to scan them to get free things.

  21. Use QR codes as wrapping paper to give your gifts in. You can then be able to send out your presents knowing you have the codes under control.

  22. Place them on recipes that are posted in magazines. This allows the readers to learn more about the cook and the meal they are about to prepare.

  23. Scratch cards could have them. They would need to scan the code to see if they won anything instead of scratching away at it.

  24. Use them at dealerships for cars on each of the car windows. This allows people to learn more about the vehicle being sold, how much, and what it comes equipped with. This allows them to browse while the dealership is closed.

  25. Business cards could have QR codes on them to tell people more about the person, and the company that they own or work for.

  26. QR codes can be used to make tv advertisements interactive when the code is scanned. This allows the user to have more fun with using them.

  27. While at the trade show make sure to slap on a code to your booth. Have the people know they could be entered to win, or possibly give out coupons or other goodies.

These are just a few ideas. There are so many out there that you will soon find just how creative you can be when it comes to using the QR codes for marketing and advertising.

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