How is a QR Code Different from NFC?

There are many differences when it comes to QR codes compared to Near Field Communication means or NFC. This is because they might both be used in marketing, but they are not the same nor do they have the same effect. It is thought that NFC might replace QR codes, but at this point in time it does not seem likely. They do have similarities, but they also have differences that are vast, and need to be looked at when you think QR codes might be replaced, and you need to change your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that QR codes are relatively new still. The real world is being taken over by a lot of digital data these days. This means that all avenues of technology is being explored at the present time to find out the best means of advertising, and doing a lot of other tasks throughout every day life. QR codes is one of the technologies out there that is becoming widely known and used, and is great for advertising and marketing needs.

The reality of the matter is that the world is overlayed with this type of digital data. You're able to use a GPS function on your phone, and when it is pointed in different directions, you can see what is ahead of you and even search nearby places. There is an app that can give you the layers of your where abouts. You can also be able to learn how to do things under your car hood just by pointing and clicking the camera at the hood of your vehicle. You can also find items throughout a store that you visit by putting the name of the item in the phone, holding it up, and having the phone direct you to where the item is located in the store.

There are applications that you can get on the phone that do all of these things, and much more. Near Field Communication is a technology that can be used wirelessly that can allow the user to transfer data from one device to another that are between 10cm to 4in apart. You can open hotel doors, and even pay for items through the device instead of using a credit card to do so. You can even use them to buy items from a vending machine. How cool is this?

You have a open window to the world all around you when using Near Field Communication, where QR codes is not like this and cannot do actual things for you. They just send the user to the info within the code once it is scanned. NFC connect the actual world to the digital world. QR codes are just an opening or bridge from the actual world to the digital world. This is one way to look at it, and perhaps know the difference between the two.