Creating a QR Code Business Card

When it comes down to advertising and getting your newly made QR code, you need to know how to circulate it to get people to use it when the time comes. This might be the perfect time to think about putting it on your business cards. This way the QR code will be seen by those that have your card, and they have the option of visiting it, or choosing to just use the information on the card. Either way, you get the word out when the time comes. Since using QR codes is one of the best strategies to use to market your business with, why not put them on your card. You can choose to place the codes in other places too, but a business card can be left up on a bulletin board in offices, shops, and so much more for people to notice. You can make your own business cards with QR codes without spending a load of money, and still making the cards look professional and nice.

Why Use a QR Code on a Business Card

The first thing that you should think about when the time comes with a QR code is that it can hold a lot of different information. The image is easily able to be scanned by mostly all Smartphones which is a perk, and then they can be brought to all of your information. Of course, not everyone has a Smartphone, so make sure to put your business name and contact info on the card and put a little more on the code. You have the option of even having them save the information about your business right into their phone when they scan it automatically. There are a lot of possibilities as mentioned before within the website of what you can do with the QR code. You will be more memorable to the person that you give your card too since they might ask what the code is, and have you explain or demonstrate how it works. You can become creative when the time comes for your business card, and this is something that will grab even more attention in the long run.

Creating the QR Code Business Card

First thing is first, you need to know that you should not have to pay anything when it comes to creating your QR code business card. You can make them for free, and you can do it yourself with just a few simple steps, a generator, and a printer.

1st Step: Look for a QR code generator that makes business cards, or vCards. This is the program you will need to embed the code on the card.

2nd Step: Put all of your information about your business into the boxes for the text that are provided. This puts all the information you want people to see when they scan the code to pop up once it is scanned.

3rd Step: It should be around 500px which makes it the size that is small enough to fit on a business card, but big enough to scan at the same time, and then click the download button.

Once you finish the last step then you have the code saved to your computer, and you can TEST it to make sure it works prior to printing and handing out the cards. This is essential since you do not need any broken links in the end. You can then decorate the rest of the business card however you would like, and put all of your personal and contact information right on the back of the business card. Make some fun out of it, and get the design you want, add the information you want, and make sure that you print them out and be sure they work again since there might be flaws in the QR codes from printing. Always double check, and start handing them out!

QR Codes on Business Cards: