Promotional, Scanning, and Security of QR Codes

When it comes to using QR codes for promotional reasons, you want to know how exactly you do so. The the question about learning who scans your code for the promotions so you can learn more about your customers, and if the code is secure enough for people to use becomes an issue. All of these things can be resolved right here, right now with all of the answers. This is something that should make you feel good about using these QR codes and making the most out of them while also being able to know that your clients, customers, and potential customers feel safe, secure, and enjoy using your QR codes when they want to know more about the business.


You want to make sure that you promote awareness in people when it comes to QR codes. This is because a lot of people do not know a lot about these codes and how to use them. If you educate people on them then you have more of a chance of getting a lot more views this way. This is why wherever you put them, you should also put a short list of directions on how to use them. You can also link to a site that tells them more about the codes, such as ours and this will fill them in on what they are, and how they work exactly. This gets the information out, but also means they will know how to use your code when the time arises. Make sure to add your call to action on the code as well. This is because it will compell people to look at the code.


You can see the location of the scanner, and the type of phone they scanned the code with. This can be done by using a mobile website. Sometimes it prompts the person to give their location, and a lot of times people become annoyed with this so you might want to think about leaving it out. Personal information, and their sex or age cannot be determined through the codes. You can actually create individual personalized codes for each group of people to know more demographic information about them. All you have to do is put in a special code in the url and then you're off to finding out more about your visitors.


You need to scan smart when it comes to QR codes since there are a lot of hackers out there. Do not put in any personal information if prompted to do so such as a credit card number. This is because you do not know who is on the other end of the code receiving this information. With the increase in technology comes an increase in a lot of fishers and stuff that might not be someone that you want to give your information too. You can check out the url on the code before actually visiting it. This will give you an idea of where you will be sent too and if it is fishy. You can also run your hand over the code to make sure it is not a sticker put over another code by someone trying to get your information. Be smart, and make the best choices. You should be aware of security features, and take the best precautions like you would when downloading items or surfing the web.