Testimonials on QR Codes

There are so many testimonials out there on people using QR codes for their small businesses, and the results they got from choosing to market with it. Knowing what they thought about using these codes is essential to knowing how they might work for your small business.

  • For my business, I chose to do something different hoping to grab more attention. I am a business person, and I feel that having the best marketing skills allows to get more clients. So I went on and made my own QR code for my business card. After putting the code on my card,and handing out the card to people... plus tracking the traffic going to the website, I found that I have a lot of people checking out the codes. This is something that I got a lot more business from, and thought it was one of the best ways to market.

*Michael from MI

  • When it came to marketing for my small bakery, I chose to place QR codes on advertisements, business cards, shirts, and the boxes for my baked goods. I found that by tracking the traffic to the codes, I found that so many more people were learning about my bakery and referring it to other people in the area. My sales went up over the next 3 months that I was baking twice to three times as much as I normally would. These were probably one of the best things that can be used for marketing.

    * Stephanie from IL

  • Marketing with QR codes is something that you might not think is worth the trouble, but actually it is effective and it is no trouble at all. It is free to make your own QR code, and you can strategically place them wherever you would like, where you think people will see them, and perhaps visit them by using their phones. There is not much to think about, after reading through the information on this website, I gained a lot of knowledge and chose to go through with using them and it was well worth it! Thanks guys for all of the information!

    * Jacob from NY

  • Using the QR codes changed the overall traffic of my business. This is because I received so many customers because of placing these codes in all the places that I could think of, that people will notice them. This is something that gives my business a boost. I was so glad to come across this website so I could learn so much more about QR codes out there, and get the help I needed when it came to using them for my small business needs. Thanks mostly for the how to guides, and step by step instructions on what to do with QR codes.

    * Ben from FL

  • This website is probably one of the best websites that I came across regarding QR codes. This is because I was so lost when I heard that you could market with them. I knew I wanted to do so for my sewing business, but I also wanted to make sure I did it right. In order to do this though I had to gain information, and information is what I got from this website, and so much more. They provide the business owner with everything that they need to make the best out of their marketing experience, and you really need it when looking for some sort of direction. Thanks again guys! I will recommend it to my business owner friends who want to market with QR codes!

* Samantha from CA