Possibly the Largest Ever QR Code

Yes, you heard right. There is possibly the largest ever QR code made. It is around 10,000 square feet, and as big as ever. We have heard about a lot of people doing a lot of weird things when it comes to these QR codes. I guess that is what you get when you say there is no possibility that cannot be done when using these codes. Some people take it seriously, and try to out do a lot of other people out there that are using these codes for a lot of other reasons. Why would someone make a QR code this big? Plus, what is on it when it is scanned?

One racetrack in Jersey Shore came together to create one of the world's largest ever QR code. Although, it has yet to be confirmed, it has been done. It is still big, no matter if it is the biggest ever or not. A whole field full of code. Who would have thought someone would go through the trouble to do something like this? I guess the answer is because they are definitely getting the right amount of publicity from it. They are featured in just about every magazine, newspaper, and blog because of what they have done and we are just wondering: is it really the largest QR code, and why did you make it? If they can answer these questions, then I think a lot of us would be satisfied.

They used over 80 gallons of white and black paint on the race track to create this large, lively QR code. The record is yet to be confirmed as mentioned above, but man, we are anxiously waiting to hear the results. It is located at the Wall Stadium Speedway. Now, we wonder just what the code says. There really is not a good picture of it out yet, but as you can tell, they are definitely working hard at it. Just how many men and women were out there painting that day?

This is not the first time that something like this has been attempted. There are so many other outrageous and weird QR codes out there that people have put up. Now is just the time to check them all out and see just how creative you actually can be when it comes to using the QR codes. A lot of people that are not advertising are even using them. This is how much they have grown and become popular throughout the United States.

Now is the time for you to go out and create your very own, outrageous QR code. It could be fun, and you could have a ball when it comes to showing it off to everyone. Check out some of the great QR code generators out there as well for some more insight and to create your own code today.