What are QR Codes

A lot of people might not have heard about QR codes. This is because they are a new technology that has recently emerged. Not only can QR codes be useful for marketers and businesses, but they are also useful to those users that come across them. Imagine being able to find out all the information you want to know about a company or business, and being able to find it all out when you scan this code and you're on your way right from your phone. This is one of the benefits, and there are so many more. But enough about the benefits. You need to know what exactly QR codes are.

Simply put, QR codes are one highly developed, cool looking barcode that can carry a lot of different types of information. They have information stored in them vertically and horizontally. This allows the maker to put a lot of information within the code and not have to worry about missing out on anything. A traditional barcode can only scan horizontally, and only holds the information about the product such as inventory, what the product is, and the product number. QR codes can hold so much more than this, and allows businesses to market when using them.

So how can you get the information off of the barcode, and what do you use for a scanner? These are important aspects since you have to know where to get the scanner from, and how to use the codes in general. All you need is a Smartphone with a scanning app. A lot of the Smartphones come with the app already installed, while other ones need it to be downloaded from the marketplace.

They originate from Japan, where they are widely being used at the present time. Their technology is a bit more advanced than ours. Toyota's sub company was the ones that first invented this wonderful barcode in order to track vehicle parts, and keep information on file about them. This was a wonderful invention, but they did not see back then just how far it will come. This was good technology when they were trying to figure out a way to track and code these types of parts, and this is when the 2 dimensional QR code came into place.

One of the best things that has not been mentioned about these wonderful codes is that they are free to make and to scan. This means no money goes into QR codes. This can be a wonderful addition to your marketing plan if you choose to use it. Depending on your needs for your business, it might be a wonderful addition. To find out more about marketing with these wonderful codes, check out the other pages on the site. Learn as much as you can about these codes before jumping right into them. You can learn a lot, and get the most from the codes in the end.